Savina Salon and Spa offers many workshops. Everything from Bridal parties to corporate team building activities.


90-Minute Classes/Workshops

Getting ready for your big day.
Not sure what colors to wear?  How to apply your makeup for the lights, camera, & action. Learn tips to help your makeup last all night!
Age limit 10 – 14 years of age.
For the middle schooler who is Just getting started wearing makeup. Learn basic age-appropriate makeup techniques that will give one a good foundation of knowledge to build upon.  Enhance your natural beauty, without being overly done.
For women over 40 years of age.
Are you starting to see things shift?  Maybe, your makeup isn’t looking as good as it used too? It may be time to change the way you wear your makeup, the kind of makeup you use, or the colors you wear.  Learn tips to minimize the signs of aging without looking like you’re trying too hard to look younger.
A simple class to learn the basics,
and a natural, pretty look.
Ever wonder how someone can look so good with a full face of makeup, and look like they have nothing on? How to get full coverage with your makeup without looking or feeling like you have enough on to scrape off with a spatula.  Don’t let your makeup greet people before you do!
LOOK FOR THE SEASON Learn the trending makeup looks of the season (Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, & Holidays)

60-Minute Classes/Workshops

For Models and Actors
If you are a model, or actor needing help with makeup & hair that is “camera ready”, this is for you.  Basic techniques for men and women. Children’s workshops are available also as needed.
Learn how to get that smooth “blow out” style with a blow dryer and round brush
Have you heard of a “Blow Dry Bar”, you can stop in and get a quick Blow dry style?  Learn how to do this at home on your own.  It’s not as easy as it looks but this class with help you learn a few techniques to make it easier
Learn techniques for a Scalp, Neck, & Shoulder Massage Treatment.
Learn how to give your partner a Head, Neck and Shoulder massage that will keep them coming back for more!  Better yet, they can give you one in exchange!  You will learn techniques to do what I call a “Stress Reliving Treatment” utilizing essential oils, and that can be done with clothes on.  The basic treatment last 15 min, involves essential oils, paddles brushes, and lotion.  Must have a partner to participate.

Learn the perfect lip, brows for your face, & how to apply artificial lashes (strip & clusters)
Learn the little secret tips and tricks to get the perfect lip, & how to get your lip color to last.  Learn how to shape & groom your brows according to your eye & face shape;  lastly, learn how to apply false lashes, and how to pick the right ones for your eye shape.